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WASB Peer Mentoring Program

peer mentoring photoWould you like to have the guidance and support of an experienced board member?

The WASB Peer Mentoring Program is a complimentary service for school board members – new and experienced. Whether you are new to the board, new to being a board officer or just would like an additional resource, WASB Peer Mentors are available for advice, support and guidance.

Mentors are available to listen to a board member’s concerns and help them identify the problem.

Mentors can support a board member in understanding his/her primary role and responsibility, including:

  • Setting a vision for the district
  • Ensuring accountability for the public
  • Setting district policies
  • Providing community leadership
  • Developing effective board and superintendent relationships
  • Place the interests of children first.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Support the board member as a part of the board team to resolve issues at the local level.
  • Understand and support the role and relationship of the board and the superintendent.
  • Support the district’s chain of command.
  • Direct a board member to the WASB if the issue is legal or technical in nature.

WASB Peer Mentor Recommended Resources

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WASB Peer Mentors

Board members selected to serve as WASB Peer Mentors have, on average, nearly 20 years of experience serving on their local school boards and have demonstrated a commitment to professional development
by attaining a Level V in the WASB Member Recognition program. They have a wide range of experience and knowledge.

Diana Bohman photo Larry Dux Photo Gabe Kolesari Photo

Diana Bohman
Tomorrow River


Larry Dux
Gabe Kolesari
Diana has been the board clerk of the School District of the Tomorrow River in Amherst for 10  years. She was an educator for 40 years working in metropolitan and rural schools, preschool through vocational. Diana has served as the CESA 5 Board of Control Vice Chair and WIRSA Board Secretary, and is recipient of the Outstanding Rural Board Member of the year and serves on four other boards. Her present district is growing, financially sound, has a self supporting public charter school housed at UW-Stevens Point, and has exemplary student achievements. Diana has experience hiring directors and superintendents on all the boards she serves on and has helped with successful referendoms and building programs. An active member of the Pewaukee School Board since 2002, Larry serves as the board clerk. He has extensive experience with establishing meeting agendas and the related laws, school district strategic planning and data analysis, and setting board and superintendent goals. Larry is familiar with the Key Work of School Boards and how boards can use that material to promote student achievement. The Pewaukee School District serves 2,865 students in southeastern Wisconsin. Gabe has served on the Hamilton School Board for 27 years, including 13 years as president. He has also served on the CESA 1 Board of Control for 27 years, including 15 years as president, and as the WASB president. During Gabe's tenure, the Hamilton School District in southeastern Wisconsin, has improved academic scores at all grade levels, completed six school additions, renovations and new construction, hired two superintendents and established an education foundation. Gabe's goals on the board are to implement personalized learning, stretch talent to achieve their potential and provide opportunities for those who struggle.
Howard Kurschke Photo Patrick Sherman Photo Tom Steiner
Howard Kruschke
Saint Croix Central
Patrick Sherman
Lake Geneva
Tom Steiner,
Trevor Wilmot
Howard Kruschke has served on the St. Croix Central School Board since 1999, one year as the board clerk and the last 13 years as the board president. St. Croix Central School District is a district of about 1550 students located in western Wisconsin in the Hammond and Roberts Wisconsin Area (about 45 miles west of Eau Claire). Howard is experienced in a variety of areas including strategic planning, board agendas, board policies, referendum planning, board-administrator relations and community outreach. Howard has used the Key Work of School Boards with his school board to develop a vision and mission to set student achievement goals. Patrick has been a member of the Genoa City J2 school board since 1991, serving seven years as president. He has also served on the Lake Geneva-Genoa City Union High School board since 1997 and is currently president. Patrick is also a member of the Genoa City Planning Commission. Sherman represented Region 13 on the WASB Board of Directors from 1994 to 2003 and was president of the WASB in 2001. The Genoa City J2 (K-8) and the Lake Geneva-Genoa City Union High School Districts are in southeast Wisconsin. Tom was appointed to the Trevor School Board in November 2000, which consolidated with the Wilmot School District in 2006. Tom has been serving as president of the consolidated district since 2008. The Trevor-Wilmot School District has seen consistent academic growth over Tom’s tenure with the last five years of even greater academic growth, has around 30 percent economically disadvantaged students and maintains a solid balance sheet. The Trevor-Wilmot School District is a K-8 district in southeastern Wisconsin.
Gary Vose Photo

Elected to the Kettle Moraine school board in 1987, Gary currently serves as board president.  He has worked for several major corporations in the field of human resources, most recently as Director, Compensation, Benefits and HR Systems for the Brady Corporation.  Gary’s Kettle Moraine experience has included implementing significant change (including ACT 10 “tools”), managing divergent board member personalities, motivating administration and teaching staff and board governance – all the while keeping the emphasis on “student first.” He strongly supports efforts to maximize personalized learning and the Kettle Moraine School District has implemented many leading edge programs with this in mind. The Kettle Moraine School District serves approximately 4,000 students in southeast Wisconsin.

Gary Vose
Kettle Moraine

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Mentor Resources

WASB Peer Mentor Contact Collection Form
The WASB asks that peer mentors complete this form after being contacted by a board member in order to make programmatic adjustments to better meet member needs. All confidentiality is maintained.

 Questions? Contact Sheri Krause, WASB Communications Director, at 608-512-1705.


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