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Bringing Together Public Education and Business Leaders
The WASB Service Associate program brings together businesses and Wisconsin public education leaders. Membership in the WASB Service Associates is another way for companies to reach the people who make the purchasing decisions for their school districts. Joining this group will also give your company prestige and create goodwill among your target audience. The WASB Board of Directors has recognized the following businesses and organizations.
Meet Our Service Associates
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Companies and individuals who have been engaged in selling products or services in Wisconsin for at least 12 months are eligible for membership. Complete our simple application and provide three letters of recommendation from Wisconsin school districts to be considered. If accepted, an annual fee is required to join the program.

More Information

DISCLAIMER: The use of the term “service associate” does not constitute an endorsement, third-party beneficiary, principal or agent, joint venture, partnership or similar association between the service associate and the Wisconsin Association of School Boards. The Wisconsin Association of School Boards provides the Service Associates program as a referral service and makes no recommendation regarding the engagement of particular service associates. Wisconsin Association of School Boards makes no representations or guarantees about service associate organizations. School districts are urged to perform due diligence in researching all vendors.

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