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WASB Search Services
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WASB Search Services

Board Member,
River Ridge School District
Outstanding. The value that the service provides is well worth the cost to the district.

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Board Member,
Walworth Jt. School District #1
Hiring a superintendent is one of the most important tasks a school board will encounter. To meet this challenge, hire the experts---the WASB Search Services!

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Board Member,
Barneveld School District
WASB Search Services made the process very clear and was a great asset in our search. We had more applicants than we expected and were very pleased with quality of the applicants.

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Board Member,
Waterloo School District

I think that every student deserves to have the very best educational leader in their school. Using the WASB Search Services assures that the district will get those leaders due to the connections and relationships that the WASB builds as an organization. The process also allows the local board to make the decision on who is hired based on the make-up of each community and how the candidate fits with the make-up of the board. This was money well spent and the return will be very good.

Are you an applicant seeking a superintendent position?

Please visit Application Process for information regarding our search process or to fill out a Stage One Application.

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Are you a board member seeking a superintendent?

Board Centered, Superintendent Friendly and Data Driven.
Selecting the right superintendent is the school board's most important role. Finding an instructional leader who will achieve the vision and mission of your schools is an important decision that will directly impact student achievement.

The WASB Search Services is designed to make hiring a superintendent a positive learning experience to help you better serve your district. We offer maximum flexibility to the board and assure total board control in the decision-making process.

To learn more about the WASB Superintendent Search Process and request a proposal click here.

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Consultant Contact Information:

Louis Birchbauer
Dir. of Supt. Search Services
414-218-2805 lbirchbauer@wasb.org
Al Brown
715-577-0913 abrown@wasb.org
Roger Foegen 608-790-5836 rfoegen@wasb.org
Guy Leavitt 608-864-0631 gleavitt@wasb.org
Dennis Richards
715-896-3846 drichards@wasb.org
Rachel Schultz 608-604-1465 rschultz@wasb.org
George Steffen 815-353-9441 gsteffen@wasb.org





The WASB Superintendent Search Services consultants belong to the National Affiliation of Superintendent Searchers (NASS), an experienced network which collaborates and shares placement information.

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