Some Underrated Wisconsin Schools

Marquette University

Located on an iconic campus in Milwaukee, Marquette’s strength is service. The majority of the student body engage in service projects. Many students join and complete service learning programs with community partners each semester. Marquette respects academic rigor.

The Center for Peacemaking in Marquette seeks to promote peace and shun violence. It does that through local and global partnerships.

Most prominent among Catholic Wisconsin colleges, Marquette offers 80 undergraduate majors. The university offers joint and dual degrees in physics and electrical engineering. Furthermore, offer excellent programs in dentistry, law, and medicine.

Beloit College

Beloit College is one of the oldest colleges in Wisconsin. It offers a flexible curriculum unlike any other college in Wisconsin. Its 1,300 students come from all over the US and the world. Around 40 percent of the students are from minority groups or foreign countries.

Professors are not only for teachings but also for mentoring and guidance. Most of the faculty members carry a Ph.D. or higher. The college offers 50 majors, 30 minors, and dual-degree programs. The learning experience in Beloit College is demanding but rewarding. All Beloiters go through a “Liberal Arts in Practice” (LAP) before they can graduate. The university provides live training through internships, fieldwork, and community projects.

The tree-covered campus embraces 28 buildings. Four of them are on the list of the National or State Register of Historic Places. Spacious pathways, extended lawns, public art, and ancient Indian mounds adorn the campus.

Lawrence University

Lawrence is a music and arts university. It teaches students to apply what they learn in the real-world with Engaged Learning. What makes it one of the best colleges in Wisconsin is the small student-to-faculty ration. A 400-acre estate, Bjorklunden graces the campus where students can attend seminars.

On average, the university has 1,500 students studying 30 undergraduate degrees. Lawrence is home to a world-famous music conservatory which focuses on music studies:

  • Bachelor of music degree.
  • A five-year BA and BA in music degree.
  • Bachelor of Arts in music.

Furthermore, new students enroll in a Freshman Studies course. A program designed to teach them the basics educational success.