What is Wisconsin known for

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Wisconsin is known for many things, among them its lakes and rich history. The state was home to the first-ever ice cream sundae, which was served at Two Rivers in 1881. Marathon County in Wisconsin produces almost all the ginseng that is grown in the United States, and up to 10 percent of the world’s total supply. There’s even an international festival every September that is dedicated to this. Impressed? Here are some other good and bad things that Wisconsin is known for.


Welcome to Cheese country! Wisconsin is referred to as America’s Dairyland thanks to its status as the top producer of dairy products. This tradition dates back to the 19th century when European settlers who arrived in Wisconsin reared dairy cows and made cheese products. Wisconsin surpassed New York as the leading producer of cheese in 1910 and has maintained the position ever since. Today, there are more than 1,500 cheese factories in the state.

Serial killers

While we’d like to skip this one, it’s a real fact that is identified with our state. Wisconsin has been home to the most notorious serial killers in the US. These include the likes of Walter Ellis (Milwaukee North Side Strangler), Jeffrey Dahmer (Milwaukee Cannibal), Ed Gein (Butcher of Plainfield), and David Spanbauer. Some popular Hollywood movies such as the Texas Chainsaw massacre were inspired by Wisconsin born serial killers.


Brewing has been an important part of Wisconsin’s culture for many decades. This tradition was started by German settlers who arrived here in the 19th century. It is no wonder that Milwaukee was known as the world’s beer capital for years (since it hosted many of the top breweries in the nation including Millers, Blitz, Schlitz, and Pabst). The state of Wisconsin still has numerous breweries and a variety of beer products that are sold in taverns and restaurants across the state.

Immensely cold winters

Wisconsin experiences some very cold winters with temperatures going all the way down to -48°C. The state also experiences massive snowfall during winter, sometimes averaging at 160 inches in the Lake Superior area and about 40 inches on average in the more southern parts of the state. Towards the end to winter, temperatures reach a record low in many parts of the state, leading to closure of schools and many businesses.


Minnesota is known to boast about its many lakes. In fact, the state’s motto is ‘Land of 10,000 lakes’. But Wisconsin actually has more lakes at over 15,000. More than a fifth of the state’s land is located along the great lakes basin, hosting more than half of Wisconsin’s population. These lakes have been important source water and have fueled economic growth in the state for years.

Green Bay Packers

ASHWAUBENON, WISCONSIN – AUGUST 19: Rashan Gary #52 of the Green Bay Packers jogs across the field during Green Bay Packers Training Camp at Ray Nitschke Field on August 19, 2020 in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

One of the oldest franchises in the history of the NFL has its roots in Wisconsin. The Green Bay Packers is an American football team that is based at Green Bay. Established in 1919, this team has been a major contributor to the sport. It was recently ranked by Forbes as being among the world’s most valuable sport franchises with a value of more than $2.35 billion.

Another interesting fact about Wisconsin is that the state shaped the modern music landscape. Adolph Rickenbacker and George Beauchamp, two innovators from the state, invented the lap steel guitar configuration that become so popular today.

Long-Term Care

By 2040, 18 counties in Wisconsin are projected to have at least 33% of their total population ages 65 and older. Three of these counties are estimated to reach 40%.

Those afflicted by dementia almost always require specialized long-term care and memory care. The cost of long-term care varies by state but can be quite costly in any state. Find out the average cost of long-term care in Wisconsin here.